"When you hear Merle Kollom play concerts on a carillon, you hear a real musician playing. She is playing with expression and control of the sound quality and all nuances, and with the heart. She makes the bells sing. She is a marvelous carillonneur, and a splendid ambassador for the instrument.""

Prof. Peter LangbergMerle's carillon teacher, honorary member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, Past President of the Danish Guild of Carillonneurs and of the Nordic Society of Campanology and Carillon, Past Vice President of the World Carillon Federation, founder of the Scandinavian Carillon School, organist and carillonneur

 “It was a great pleasure to hear Merle Kollom's play on the carillon. Her performance was very musical, present, communicative and varied.”"

Randi Elisabeth MortensenOrganist of the Odense Cathedral, Denmark

 Dear Merle! Words are unable to express the gratitude for everything you did for The Four Freshmen while they were with you. All details were taken care of from top to bottom. You took care of coordinating transportation, technical equipment, hotels, kept punctual schedules, and even translated when needed, you did it all with perfection. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you again!"

Dina Sheets-RothVice President, International Ventures Incorporated

 From the first day in Estonia until our last concert we where amazed by Merle's professionalism, accuracy, tolerance and sense of humor. After all we called Merle Kollom “ManSound's favorite producer of all times”. And now we are not just a "group" and "producer" - we are close friends, and this friendship means a lot for us."

Dmitry VygovskyDirector of ManSound, Kiev, Ukraine

 Dear Merle! It was a wonderful experience to bring the world’s oldest living culture, Descendance for Estonian audience. Working with you was sheer delight, your professionalism and attention to details was second to none. You always managed also to create a harmony and goodwill which kept our spirits high."

Jose CalarcoDirector of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre, Australia